D&December 2017 – Rapid Fire: W4D4-Trinkets/Treasures, W4D6-Forbidden Knowledge, W4D7-Spell/Item

Nothing like waiting til the last minute for the last three topics I didn’t get done. So here we go in rapid fire succession. Trinkets & Treasures, Forbidden Knowledge and Favorite Spell/Item.

The D&D 30 Day Challenge: Day 19 – Favorite Elemental/Plant/Construct

Love the shield guardians. Delban had one for a while and it came in quite handy for saving his life multiple times. I also am fascinated by the more unusual golems. For instance, in 3e there was a stained glass golem that was pretty cool and Pathfinder has added a few like crystal golems and gelatenous golems that are also pretty cool.