D&December 2017 – W1D4 – Favorite Villain

Previously, I mentioned that one of my favorite NPCs was Lord Soth. Sticking to strictly bad guy NPCs, he’s definitely at the top of the list. Part of this is, of course, due to his role in the Dragonlance novels. I grew up reading those books. Dragons of Autumn Twilight was the first fantasy novel I can remember reading, even before the Hobbit or A Wrinkle in Time. Krynn remains today my favorite campaign setting from any RPG I’ve ever played.

The other part of my love for Soth comes from my own experience as a player. When my first character, Storin, died in Ravenloft, I created my wizard Endeleban Losteast. An Aes Saidarr from Cormyr, Delban traveled with his companions to a location where they were sucked into Ravenloft. They found themselves in the realm of Sithicus, Soth’s domain.

Soth had become catatonic. He was so absorbed in the mirror worlds that portrayed the memories of his life that he cared not for Sithicus. The party fought to stop the collapse of Sithicus and the deaths of its residents by defeating the mirrored worlds. Delban cast a whisper spell and began taunting Soth from a dark corner of his throne room. I can still hear Delban’s final message to Soth, the one that finally drew him from his state into awareness to face us: “Sithicus dies…. Sithicus dies….”

D&December 2017 – W1D3 – Favorite NPC

In my previous “Favorite NPC”, I talked a bit about Keraptis, Lord Soth and Garaleth Axom. This time I’ll talk about another of my favorite NPCs. Klarkosh, of the Emerald Spire.

In the Wyrmfang Chronicles, Chris is our main DM. It’s his campaign overall and he has final say in everything. However, we do have a couple of us who also take turns at the DM seat, myself included. The last time I was running as DM, I was running the Pathfinder module The Emerald Spire. While we had transitioned to the Pathfinder rules instead of 4E with that came out, we had remained in the world of Faerun where our campaign was based.

After running the City of the Spider Queen campaign, Chris was ready for a break. So I took over and we decided to run our first module in the world of Golarion. I chose the Emerald Spire. The main foe of the upper levels of the Emerald Spire is Klarkosh the Clockwork Mage. He is an evil wizard who specializes in magical constructs. It was fun to play him for the party. He had a special kind of madness about him.

It was a hard fought battle, but the PCs prevailed. I left the DM chair shortly after their victory. My father passed a few weeks after this and I no longer had the drive needed to be a DM. Chris took the seat back over and we have been running the Mummy’s Mask campaign in Osirion since then.

We may one day return to the River Kingdoms and the Emerald Spire. If so, the PCs will find that they have not seen the last of mad Klarkosh’s mechanical creations.

D&December 2017 – W1D2 – Favorite Class

During the last post, I talked about how my favorite class was wizard. Without a doubt that remains true. And my second favorite class was fighters (in which I include rangers and paladins). So rather than rehash a previous post, I will take the same tact as yesterday and talk about the class I want to play the most that I have not ever played. That class is barbarian.

I have played clerics and paladins and rangers and fighters, but I have never played a barbarian. It’s one thing to be able be in melee and fight in close quarters. It’s another to be able to wade knee deep in joyful rage into the midst of the enemy’s ranks and I’ve never been able to do that with no concern for yourself or even your companions. I want to take the opportunity at some point to just be the tank.

As a paladin or cleric or even as a fighter you often are tied to other responsibilities. The cleric has to keep his companions up first, and attack second. The bard has to buff his companions first, and fight second. The ranger often has to fight from a distance with ranged attacks. The paladin has to be concerned with honor, and often leadership. But the barbarian just says time to fight and goes in.

The vast majority of my characters so far have required a lot of thought, preparedness, and planning. Wizards, clerics, bards, paladins, rogues and rangers. Even a monk once. Next round I just want to fight.

Edit: I just remembered a barbarian I played in college for all of 3 months. Such a short term that I will justify all the above by saying it doesn’t count. Crappy DM anyway….

Edit 2 (Nov, 2018): So, my new character is….. A BARBARIAN!  Only 2 sessions in, but he’s done a bit of the “Hulk smash!” already. We’ll see how it goes.

D&December2017 – W1D1 – Favorite Race

Last time the focus was on PC races, and I mentioned that I was torn between human and dwarf. This time I’m going to talk about the race I most want to play that I haven’t so far, the Kenku. The Kenku are a 5e race that are basically birdmen that have lost their wings. They are a fallen race that once served some great power who is long gone.

The Kenku are master thieves and are driven by greed. Forgery is second nature to them and they can mimic any sound they’ve ever heard perfectly. They even use those mimic’d sounds as their names and speech. Something about role playing that in a game setting seems fascinating to me.

Since I don’t currently play in a 5e group, only Pathfinder, I’m not sure when I’ll get the chance to try that. Some day I want to, though. It’ll be fun.